Gavalohori village

The Villa Mia is located just on the edge of Gavalohori village which itself sits a few miles inland from the northwest coast of the Greek island of Crete. The village is named after the Gavalas family who lived here during the Venetian occupation and thus has a complex and interesting history which is explained in the Folklore Museum which is  just off the main village square.


The year-round population is around 350 but this number swells in the summer months as tourists, relatives and visitors arrive and the village comes alive.


The village has many shops including a handful of excellent and amospheric tavernas and cafes, a handicraft shop, grocery stores and the local bakery - all just a few minutes walk from The Villa Mia. There are 14 Greek Orthodox churches in and around the village as well as Venetian arches and wells, Roman tombs and an ancient olive oil factory, so lots to keep you busy!

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