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Wildlife around the villa and the island

The villa is situated in a lush and verdant part of Crete and benefits from an abundance of wildlife.

We have Creten martens which frequently visit our poolside overnight and it is not unusual to see or hear Cretan hedgehogs and the Cretan spiny mouse on their nocturnal visits!

In spring in particular the whole area is carpeted with wildflowers which attract butterflies, moths, insects and a host of birds - but there is actually lots of wildlife to see all year round.  Also, Crete is a stopping-off point for migratory birds travelling between northen Europe and Africa so you may be lucky enough to spot some unusual visitors.


From the villa grounds we have often seen and heard:

  • Scops owl

  • Eurasian buzzard

  • Hooded crow

  • Carrion crow

  • Common raven

  • Sardinian warbler

  • Cetti's warbler

  • Wryneck

  • European robin

  • Great tit

  • Eurasian black cap

  • Eurasian blue tit

  • Song thrush

  • European goldfinch

  • Kestrel

  • Peregrine falcon

  • Swallow

  • Alpine Swift

  • Pipistrelle and Horseshoe bats

...and just a little further afield (within 10 minutes walk) we have also recorded:

  • Common chaffinch

  • White wagtail

  • European stonechat

  • Common firecrest

  • Common chiffchaff

  • Rock bunting

  • Jackdaw

Elsewhere on the island we have also come across:

  • Griffon vulture (numerous locations)

  • Booted eagle (Aghia reservoir)

  • Numerous water birds (Aghia reservoir, Georgioupolis and Kournas lake)

  • Golden eagle (numerous locations)

  • Bonelli's eagle (numerous locations)

  • Eleanora's falcon
  • Rock pigeon
  • Kingfisher

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