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History & Archaeology

Crete is a paradise for lovers of history and archaeology.  Being the cradle of European civilisation the island is covered in ancient remains and it is impossible to travel far without coming across some evidence of the numerous invasions the island has sufferred and the different peoples who have lived here over time. Ther are pre-historic, Minoan, Roman, Greek, Venetian, Turkish and even German WW2 sites to explore and photograph - many within just a short drive of Villa Mia.


Within less than 5 minutes stroll are Venetian wells and within sight on the horizon are the remains of one of the largest Greco-Roman city-states on the island : Aptera. This is a fascinating site which is still only partly excavated, about 20 minutes drive away, and is ideal for exploring.


Elsewhere the island is covered in ancient churches and chapels of all shapes and sizes, some hewn from sold rock with "modern" frontages, and many containing stunning icons and carvings. 

Monochrome wells
Turkish canonballs at Aptera
Nopigia church
Katholokon monastery, Akrotiri
Church wall carving
Minoan wine press
Icons in a typical village chapel
Rock chapel and Roman Column at Agios Nikolaos
Greek Easter celebrations
Spinalonga fortress
Church at Aptera ancient site
Roman remains at Aptera
Roman remains at Aptera
Aptera ancient site
Monastery courtyard at Aptera
Byzantine church in orange grove
Reconstructed Greek trireme
Ancient chapel in fields
Venetian wells at Gavalohori
Old church by the sea at Kera
Kalyves rock chapel
Roman temple remains at Aptera
Horns of consecration at Knossos
Pithoi at Knossos
Ancient mill stones in Gavalohori
Roman cisterns at Aptera
Newly unearthed amphitheatre
Turkish castle at Aptera
Venetian stonework
Aptera amphtheatre
Aghia Triada monastery
Aghia Triada monastery
Egyptian-built lighthouse at Chania
Gavalohori folk museum
Roman walls at Aptera
Katholicon deserted monastery
Ancient ruins ransacked by pirates
Ancient Lato near Aghios Nikolaos
Agios Georgios church & cemetery
Chania waterfront
Roman remains in springtine
Venetian harbourside in Chania
Water pump sails on Lasithi plateau
Cathedral in Chania
Remnant of the Ottoman Empire
Mosque of the Janissaries
Ancient arches in Gavalohori village
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