Covid-19 information










Everyone at The Villa Mia is working hard to ensure that Covid-19 has as little impact on your holiday as possible.



We are open again for business and have a host of revised protocols and facilities in place to meet the requirements of the Greek Tourism Ministry and to ensure your safety.


As a country, Greece applied quite severe lockdown rules on its population very early on in the pandemic, with impressive results. This has made Greece, and Crete in particular, a much safer place to be than many other places in Europe.

As part of our package to ensure our guests remain safe we have obtained a Health First certificate from the Greek authorities (see image below) which ensures that we meet all the required protocols - and there are lots!


All our staff have undergone detailed training to ensure your safety and we are having to make certain changes to cleaning regimes to reduce contamination. This may involve temporary removal of soft furnishings and changes to the way our housekeeper services the villa and the provision of towels etc.  There will certainly be lots of hand sanitiser available!  

Please pack your face masks - these will be needed on the plane, in the airports and are now mandatory in supermarkets too. 

You will be required to comply with Greek government regulations during your stay. This includes, but is not limited to, having to complete a Passenger Location Form (PLF) prior to your arrival on the island. Remember that all these rules are for the safety of yourselves and those around you. 


We will provide detailed instructions to all our guests before and during their stay and will update this page with general information from time to time. If you have any specific questions, please drop us a line via our Contact Us page

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